Acer Reports Q3 Growth in Laptop and PC Sales, with Gaming Division Leading the Way

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Acer has released its report for September 2023 and the entire third quarter, revealing robust growth in its business. The company’s consolidated revenue for September increased by 29.4% month-on-month, reaching TWD 28.06 billion (approximately $874.1 million). Quarterly results also painted a positive picture.

In September, Acer’s laptop business saw a month-on-month revenue growth of 31.3%. The gaming division performed even better with a 45.0% month-on-month increase.

According to Acer’s preliminary estimates, consolidated revenue for Q3 amounted to TWD 67.47 billion (around $2.102 billion), marking a 15.8% growth on a quarterly basis and a 4.0% rise year-on-year. Each business segment displayed positive quarterly dynamics: laptop production revenue increased by 19.4% compared to the previous quarter, desktop computer sales surged by 27.8%, revenue from eco-friendly products in the Vero division saw a 27.8% increase, and the gaming division reported a 29.7% growth.

Public subsidiaries of the Taiwanese electronics giant also delivered positive results. Eleven companies shared their September and Q3 reports, contributing to 24.2% of Acer’s Q3 revenue. Notably, Altos Computing reported a 39.1% revenue increase for the quarter, and Acerpure saw a 12.3% rise.

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