AI Bunker: Tesla Initiates Data Center Construction for Dojo Supercomputer

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Tesla has reportedly begun the construction of a new data center, where it plans to house the nodes of its forthcoming supercomputer, Dojo, according to The Information. The data center is situated at Tesla’s headquarters in Austin, Texas, though specific completion dates have not been disclosed.

Elon Musk’s company initiated the development of the Dojo complex in July of this year. The system will be built around specialized, in-house developed chips known as Tesla D1. By the end of 2024, Tesla’s AI capabilities are expected to reach a peak performance of 100 exaflops, a project that carries an estimated price tag of $1 billion.

Details about Tesla’s Austin data center remain undisclosed. However, it has been described as resembling a bunker in design. This data center will house a portion of the Dojo computational modules. Tesla intends to leverage the supercomputer for advancing its autonomous driving technologies, specifically for tackling AI-intensive tasks. Additionally, Elon Musk has previously mentioned the possibility of offering some of Dojo’s capabilities as cloud services to external customers.

Estimates suggest that the launch of Dojo could increase Tesla’s market value by $500 billion, roughly equivalent to a 60% surge in the company’s capitalization. In parallel with the Dojo project, Tesla is actively pursuing other high-performance computing projects. Recently, the company unveiled one of the world’s most potent AI supercomputers, featuring 10,000 NVIDIA H100 accelerators capable of delivering a peak performance of 340 petaflops for technical computations and 39.58 exaflops for AI applications.

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