Amazon Prepares Home Robot with Powerful AI

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Amazon is working on a secret project codenamed Burnham, which aims to create an advanced version of the Astro robot with an “intelligent and conversational voice interface,” according to Business Insider, citing their own sources.

The upgraded Astro, based on Burnham, will work with large language models and other cutting-edge AI algorithms, enabling the machine to adapt to the context of a family’s daily life and act accordingly. The software platform remembers what it has seen and learned and can later engage in dialogue with its owner.

For example, the robot will be able to recognize a stove burner left on or an open faucet, locate the homeowner, and notify them. The machine will understand when a person falls and, if necessary, contact emergency services. The robot will help find lost keys in the apartment, check if a window is left open at night, and track whether a child has brought friends home from school. While many of these tasks can already be accomplished using various smart home devices and scenarios, the new Astro will handle everything independently.

Amazon has also anticipated the robot’s ability to solve more complex tasks. For instance, if it detects broken glass on the floor, it recognizes the hazard to the owner and prioritizes cleaning it up to prevent anyone from stepping on it – effectively identifying and solving problems. However, the Burnham technology is not yet ready for market launch, and Amazon admits that there is still much work to be done.

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