Antivirus Giants Avast and Norton’s Parent Company Gen Digital Fall Victim to Cl0p Hacker Attack Exploiting MOVEit Vulnerability

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Gen Digital, the parent company of antivirus developers Avast and Norton, has fallen victim to the Cl0p hacking group that exploits the MOVEit file sharing platform’s vulnerability. As a result of the attack, the cybercriminals captured the company employees’ personal data.

On June 20, Gen Digital confirmed that personal employee data, including names, home addresses, work IDs, and email addresses, were stolen as a result of a ransomware attack exploiting the MOVEit service vulnerability. Gen Digital explained that they tried to eliminate known vulnerabilities in the system, but they couldn’t avoid the attack. However, they managed to avoid damage to the company’s technological systems and services, and no customer or partner data were stolen.

A critical vulnerability, numbered CVE-2023-34362, was discovered in the MOVEit file sharing service. The vulnerability is exploited via SQL injection and is targeted by the Cl0p hacker group. Interestingly, the attack continued even after the patch closing the vulnerability was released, affecting over a hundred organizations. As additional protective measures, it is recommended to “hide” the application behind a VPN, a proxy server, or a landing page with an authorization form.

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