Apple and Arm Extend Collaboration Agreement Beyond 2040

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Image Source: Apple Community, NewtonFax

In 1990, Apple became one of the first partners of the British processor architecture developer, Arm, thereby contributing to the establishment of the company, which is set to go public on the American stock market next week. It has now been revealed that Apple and Arm recently extended their collaboration agreement beyond the year 2040.

While it’s unclear if this extension involves any financial commitments from Apple, sources report that Apple, along with other Arm partners, may act as “anchor” investors willing to purchase $735 million in depositary notes from the British company in the coming week.

As early as 1993, Apple released its first computer based on Arm architecture processors, known as the Newton. It served as a precursor to modern tablets but wasn’t a commercial success due to technological limitations at the time.

Today, Apple actively employs Arm-compatible architecture in designing its processors not only for mobile devices but also for computers. Apple recently concluded its decision made three years ago to shift away from Intel processors, which were based on x86-compatible architecture, in its computers. The growing popularity of Apple computers powered by Arm-based processors has led to at least half of all buyers of these systems in the second quarter being first-time Apple purchasers.

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