Apple to Confirm in Court That Google Is the World’s Best Search Engine

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Photo by Muhammed Abiodun Mustapha

Apple’s Senior Vice President for Services and architect of the deal with Google, Eddy Cue, is expected to testify in court today. It’s anticipated that he will speak in favor of Google being the default search engine on Apple devices and argue that it’s the best choice for consumers. This information comes from a Bloomberg report citing an unnamed source.

Eddy Cue has been summoned to give testimony in the U.S. Justice Department’s lawsuit against Google. According to the plaintiff’s claims, Google uses its dominant position in the search engine market to hinder competition. Google pays Apple billions of dollars to have its search engine set as the default on iPhones and other devices. This particular deal has attracted significant attention from U.S. authorities who aim to determine whether it was made at the expense of Google’s competitors.

During his testimony, as reported by the source, Cue is expected to emphasize that Apple allows users to freely change their default search engine, but Apple believes Google is the best choice. This stance differs from Apple’s traditional position, where it competes with Google in areas such as mapping services, voice assistants, and mobile and desktop operating systems. Apple also has agreements with other search engines, including Bing, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, and Ecosia, generating advertising revenue from each of them.

The first agreement between Apple and Google was reached in 2002 when Google became the default search engine in the Safari browser. New versions of the agreement were made in 2005, 2007, and 2016. It is expected that Eddy Cue will explain that several amendments have been made to the agreement in recent years.

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