Astra Linux Developer to Launch GitHub Equivalent

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Astra Group, the parent company of Astra Linux developer RusBITech-Astra LLC, has announced its plans to launch a collaborative open-source code platform by the end of the year. This platform is intended to provide an alternative to foreign services like GitHub and GitLab. This move places the company in the race to develop a domestic counterpart to GitHub, a competition that already involves participants like Rostelecom, the Department of Information Technologies of Moscow, and the Ministry of Digital Development.

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As part of its strategy to introduce a Russian alternative to GitHub, Astra Group acquired a 26% stake in Resolit LLC, the developer of GitFlic, a platform for storing open-source code and facilitating collaborative development. According to Astra Group, this transaction is the initial phase of the deal, with the company aiming to become the owner of 51% of Resolit after the second phase, while the remaining shares will remain with the enterprise’s founders.

“The company is already working on a platform that will provide a comprehensive environment with a combination of tools for source code management, testing, automation, documentation, frameworks, and development templates,” stated Ilya Sivtsev, CEO of Astra Group. He confirmed the development of an equivalent to foreign services like GitHub and revealed the intention to launch the platform by the end of the current year.

Resolit noted that the support from a major vendor would accelerate the pace of product development. The company also plans to introduce “turnkey solutions, including security features.” The financial details of the deal, under which Astra Group will gain 51% control over Resolit, remain undisclosed. Alexey Gorislavets, CEO of AFI Capital, suggested that the value of the initial 26% stake purchase could be around 5 million rubles, while obtaining majority control might increase the value to 10 million rubles.

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