China Accuses the U.S. of Systematic Theft of Secrets from Huawei

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Image source: Huawei Technologies

China’s Ministry of State Security this week, through its WeChat account, claimed that servers belonging to Huawei Technologies have been subjected to continuous cyberattacks aimed at accessing sensitive information by U.S. intelligence agencies since 2009. Chinese officials also allege that the software of major foreign companies contains “backdoors” that allow these agencies to steal data from China and Russia.

Attempts by U.S. intelligence agencies to conduct espionage by infiltrating Huawei Technologies’ servers have been monitored by Chinese experts since 2009, according to the statement. While investigating the consequences of a cyberattack on a network at a Chinese university last year, experts from the cybersecurity company Qihoo 360 discovered a virus called Second Date, which could have been implanted by U.S. agencies to monitor information transmission networks in many countries worldwide. However, Qihoo 360 specialists did not report the use of Second Date for attacks on Huawei’s servers.

Chinese officials claim that U.S. authorities have access to tens of thousands of devices worldwide and have illegally obtained vast amounts of valuable information. China’s legislation has recently intensified penalties for industrial espionage, but the activities of U.S. intelligence agencies cannot be effectively pursued within China’s jurisdiction. The recent discussion surrounding a potential ban on the use of Apple iPhones by Chinese government employees appears to be aimed at combating information leaks, although Chinese authorities officially deny any plans to implement such restrictions.

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