China Successfully Tests World’s Largest Gauss Gun Firing 124-Kilogram Projectiles

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Chinese scientists have made a remarkable breakthrough in the field of electromagnetic launches, unveiling their success in creating the world’s most powerful Gauss gun. This achievement holds promise not only for military applications but also for civilian use, enabling the launch of both projectiles and small satellites into space.

Image Source: Naval University of Engineering

The Gauss gun, despite its low efficiency compared to railguns, has the advantage of minimal barrel wear during continuous operation, making it highly cost-effective in long-term use. While railguns have efficiency levels of up to 35%, Gauss guns have garnered renewed interest due to their consistent performance without the wear and tear associated with conventional firearms.

The Gauss gun operates by utilizing an initial impulse to lift the projectile and position it at the center of the gun barrel. Subsequently, a series of electromagnetic coils positioned along the barrel generate a high-powered electromagnetic field, rapidly accelerating the projectile to achieve high speeds. This design enables quick reloading, precise targeting, and reduces platform wear due to the absence of contact rails.

Chinese researchers from the Naval University of Engineering recently achieved a significant milestone by testing their 30-coil Gauss gun, firing 124-kilogram projectiles. This feat marks a world record and surpasses previous efforts by other countries. The launched projectile achieved speeds of up to 700 km/h in less than 0.05 seconds, demonstrating its potential to accurately strike targets several kilometers away.

While specific details of the weapon remain classified, the electromagnetic platform’s capabilities alone are impressive. The projectile launch process resembles more of a rocket launch than traditional artillery fire. The gun’s ability to launch such heavy projectiles further underscores its potential for a wide range of applications beyond traditional weaponry.

To enhance the electromagnetic launching platform, researchers developed a new electronic shielding system. The powerful electromagnetic field generated within the barrel previously posed challenges in protecting embedded sensors within the projectile. The shielding system safeguards these components from the powerful electromagnetic impulses, crucial for accurate performance.

China’s success in creating the world’s largest Gauss gun is a testament to its advancements in scientific and engineering fields. This achievement not only revolutionizes military technology but also opens doors for innovative space exploration and commercial applications.

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