Computers Running on Windows 8.1 Can Still Upgrade to Windows 11

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Earlier this year, extended support for Windows 8.1 came to an end. Microsoft recommended users still on this operating system to upgrade to a new PC that meets the requirements for Windows 11 and transition to the latest software platform. Despite this, enthusiasts have found a way to upgrade Windows 8.1 to Windows 11.

Interestingly, with the release of Windows 11 test build 25131 for participants in the Dev channel of the Insider Preview program, the ability to update devices from Windows 8.1 was blocked. The update process simply resulted in an error. However, in the previous Windows 11 build 25126, this function worked fine.

Now, enthusiasts have noticed that the installation file “install.wim” from build 25126 works in build 25905, which was released in July on the Canary channel. This means that by replacing the mentioned file, Windows 8.1 users can update their operating system to the most current version of Windows 11.

It seems that the developers at Microsoft have made some changes in recent builds and the “install.wim” installation file. Official representatives of Microsoft have not yet commented on this matter.

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