Demand for iPhone 15 Declining Faster Than Its Predecessors, According to Analysts

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Image Source: Apple

As it’s known, in the first few days after the commencement of orders, the delivery times for iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max in many markets extended to mid-November. At the time, some sources linked this to potential production issues on Apple’s side and with its partners. J.P. Morgan analysts claim that the dynamics of reduced delivery times for Apple’s new smartphones indicate a faster decline in demand compared to its predecessors.

The initial surge in demand is typically driven by the most eager buyers. However, once deliveries stabilize, it becomes possible to gauge the established level of demand. According to representatives from J.P. Morgan, last week, the waiting times for ordered iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max sequentially decreased from 37 to 32 days. In contrast, a year ago, comparable-priced models from the iPhone 14 family had an average delivery waiting time of 36 days. In other words, demand for the flagship smartphones of the new series is decreasing faster than their predecessors at a comparable stage in their product life cycle.

The lower-tier models in the iPhone 15 family have also reduced waiting times from 17 to just 15 days in just one week. Analysts speculate that the rapid reduction in waiting times for the higher-end models could indicate lower demand compared to last year. For Apple, this is concerning as it might slow down revenue growth. Recently, Apple’s revenue growth was primarily driven by a shift in demand towards more expensive smartphones, while unit shipments remained stagnant. Even in challenging macroeconomic conditions, Apple’s product line isn’t entirely immune to the global upheavals of this year.

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