Error Code 0x00000045

Error Code 0x00000045

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The “INSUFFICIENT_SYSTEM_MAP_REGS” Blue Screen of Death error (0x00000045) usually means that the system ran out of map registers. A map register is a system resource used by devices to perform direct memory access (DMA) operations.

This error might be caused by a hardware problem, such as a faulty device or a device that’s not properly configured, or by a driver that’s not handling its DMA resources correctly. As this error is quite rare and specific, it’s most likely related to a particular device or driver in your system.

How to fix:

  1. Update Your Drivers: Update the drivers for your hardware, particularly for devices that perform DMA operations. This could include your hard drive, network adapter, or any other device that transfers data directly to or from memory.
  2. Check Your Hardware: Check that your hardware is correctly installed and configured. If you’ve recently installed new hardware, try removing it to see if that resolves the issue. If you can identify a particular device that’s causing the problem, you might need to replace it.
  3. Check for Windows Updates: As always, it’s a good idea to make sure your system is up to date. Microsoft periodically releases software updates that can fix various issues.
  4. System Restore: If the problem started recently, you could try using a system restore point to roll back your system to a state before the issue occurred.

Remember, if you’re not comfortable performing these steps yourself, you should consider seeking help from a professional or someone with more experience.

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