Error Code 0x0000004D

Error Code 0x0000004D

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The “NO_PAGES_AVAILABLE” Blue Screen of Death error (0x0000004D) generally implies that there is no memory available to continue operations. This might be due to a lack of free physical memory or the system’s inability to allocate more virtual memory.

How to fix:

  1. Close Unnecessary Applications: If you have many applications running simultaneously, closing some of them might free up enough memory for your system to continue operating normally.
  2. Increase Virtual Memory: Windows uses a file on your hard drive called a paging file as a sort of overflow for system memory. Increasing the size of this file can sometimes resolve memory issues. You can adjust the size of the paging file by going to the System Properties -> Performance Options -> Virtual Memory.
  3. Scan for Malware: Certain types of malware can consume system resources, including memory, and cause this type of error. Run a thorough malware scan on your system to rule out this possibility.
  4. Check for Memory Leaks: Some applications may have programming errors that cause them to consume more and more memory over time, a problem known as a memory leak. If you notice a specific program tends to be running when you get this error, check if that program has known issues with memory leaks.
  5. Hardware Issues: In some cases, this issue can be caused by a problem with the physical memory in your system. Running a memory check tool like Windows Memory Diagnostic or MemTest86 can help diagnose these issues.
  6. Upgrade RAM: If your computer consistently runs out of memory, it may be time to consider adding more RAM.

As always, if you’re not comfortable performing these steps, or if these steps don’t resolve your issue, you may want to seek assistance from a professional or a knowledgeable friend.

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