Error Code 0x00000055

Error Code 0x00000055

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The “DATA_COHERENCY_EXCEPTION” with stop code 0x00000055 can occur when the system detects a data coherency issue. Here are a few potential causes:

  1. Hardware issues: This could be due to faulty or failing hardware, such as RAM or hard drive.
  2. Device Driver issues: If a device driver is corrupt or outdated, it could potentially lead to this error.
  3. Malware or virus: Malicious software can cause a lot of problems, including data coherency issues.
  4. System file corruption: Corruption in system files or installed software could also lead to this error.

How to fix:

  • Checking your hardware for problems and replacing any faulty parts.
  • Updating or reinstalling your device drivers.
  • Scanning your system for malware or viruses and removing them.
  • Repairing or reinstalling corrupted system files or software.

As always, please remember to back up your data before performing any system changes or updates.

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