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Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security (FCAPS) is a network management framework created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It’s part of the ISO Telecommunications Management Network model and framework for network management. FCAPS categories are the following:

  1. Fault Management: This involves detecting, logging, notifying users of, diagnosing, and correcting network faults. Essentially, it involves keeping the network running smoothly and dealing with problems as they arise.
  2. Configuration Management: This involves monitoring network and system configuration information so the effects on network operation of various versions of hardware and software elements can be tracked and managed.
  3. Accounting Management: This is used for billing purposes. It involves metering and collecting usage statistics for users.
  4. Performance Management: This involves monitoring and maintaining network performance. It might include tracking statistics like network throughput, user response times, and line utilization to help keep the network performing at an optimal level.
  5. Security Management: This involves controlling access to network resources. This could mean preventing unauthorized access, controlling access to data, managing network encryption, and so on.

Each of these categories overlaps with the others to some degree, and a single network management system might perform functions from more than one category. This framework is used to ensure that all aspects of network management are covered, making it easier to maintain and improve network performance and security.

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