IEC Connector

IEC Connector

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An IEC connector refers to a type of plug and socket (coupling) outlined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The most widely recognized IEC connectors are the IEC 60320 series, intended for connecting appliance and computer power cords to mains electricity supplies across the globe.

IEC 60320 connectors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, designated by a combination of letters and numbers. For example:

  1. IEC 60320 C1/C2: This is a 2-pin coupling typically found on electric shavers and portable projectors.
  2. IEC 60320 C5/C6: This 3-pin connector, often called a “Mickey Mouse” or “Cloverleaf” connector due to its shape, is commonly found on laptop power supplies and portable projectors.
  3. IEC 60320 C7/C8: This 2-pin connector, also known as a “figure-8” or “infinity” connector due to its shape, is commonly found on low-power devices like radios, battery chargers, some laptop power supplies, and game consoles.
  4. IEC 60320 C13/C14: This 3-pin connector is the most common type of IEC connector, found on most desktop computer power cords and many other devices like monitors, printers, power adapters for various devices, and more.
  5. IEC 60320 C15/C16: This is a high-temperature-rated version of the C13/C14 connector, commonly found on electric kettles and other appliances that generate heat.
  6. IEC 60320 C19/C20: This is a higher-current version of the C13/C14 connector, typically found on servers, power supply units (PSU), and larger electrical devices.

These types of connectors are widely used due to their safety features and standardized designs, which help ensure compatibility between devices and power supplies worldwide.

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