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JavaScript is a high-level, interpreted programming language that is predominantly used in web development to enhance web pages with dynamic and interactive elements. JavaScript is the scripting language of the Web, built into all modern web browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

JavaScript allows developers to create rich client-side interactions by manipulating the Document Object Model (DOM), controlling the browser, and communicating asynchronously with the server (AJAX). It is used in a wide variety of applications, from form validation and user interaction to creating complex single-page applications (SPAs) and even server-side development with platforms like Node.js.

In addition to its role in web development, JavaScript can also be used for desktop applications, mobile apps, and game development. JavaScript can interact with HTML source code, enabling web authors to spice up their sites with dynamic content.

Despite its name, JavaScript is not related to the Java programming language. The similar name was inspired by marketing considerations, rather than good judgment. JavaScript’s official name is ECMAScript, defined by the ECMA international standards organization.

JavaScript has a vibrant ecosystem with numerous libraries and frameworks available, including jQuery, Angular, React, Vue.js, and many others, each designed to make coding in JavaScript easier and more powerful.

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