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The Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium (MCPC) is a collaborative organization that focuses on advancing mobile computing technologies and promoting their widespread adoption. It brings together various stakeholders, including industry leaders, technology providers, researchers, and government agencies, to collaborate and drive innovation in the field of mobile computing.


The MCPC aims to achieve several key objectives:

  1. Promoting Mobile Computing: The consortium advocates for the adoption of mobile computing technologies across various industries and sectors. It seeks to raise awareness about the benefits of mobile computing and its potential to transform business processes, enhance communication, and improve user experiences.
  2. Research and Development: MCPC fosters research and development initiatives in mobile computing. It supports collaborative projects that aim to address technological challenges, develop new mobile applications, and improve the overall performance and security of mobile devices and networks.
  3. Standardization and Interoperability: Ensuring interoperability and standardization of mobile computing technologies is crucial for seamless integration and communication between different devices and platforms. The MCPC works towards defining industry standards and best practices to achieve better compatibility among mobile devices and applications.
  4. Security and Privacy: Mobile computing involves the processing and exchange of sensitive data. MCPC focuses on enhancing the security and privacy aspects of mobile devices and networks to protect users from potential threats and vulnerabilities.
  5. Education and Training: The consortium provides educational resources and training programs to foster knowledge and expertise in mobile computing. It supports skill development among professionals and students to meet the growing demand for mobile technology specialists.

Activities and Initiatives:

The MCPC undertakes various activities and initiatives to accomplish its objectives:

  • Conferences and Workshops: MCPC organizes conferences, workshops, and seminars where experts and industry leaders gather to discuss emerging trends, share knowledge, and explore new opportunities in mobile computing.
  • Collaborative Projects: The consortium facilitates collaborative projects among its members to conduct research, develop innovative mobile applications, and address technological challenges.
  • Publications: MCPC publishes research papers, whitepapers, and technical reports that contribute to the advancement of mobile computing knowledge.
  • Networking Events: Regular networking events are organized to promote collaboration and partnerships among different organizations and individuals involved in the mobile computing ecosystem.
  • Advocacy and Awareness Campaigns: The consortium advocates for policies that support the growth of mobile computing and conducts awareness campaigns to highlight the benefits and potential of mobile technologies.

Membership and Partnerships:

The Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium welcomes membership from organizations and individuals involved in mobile computing, including device manufacturers, software developers, service providers, researchers, and government agencies. By fostering partnerships and collaborations, MCPC aims to create a vibrant ecosystem for mobile computing innovation.


The Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium plays a significant role in advancing mobile computing technologies and driving their widespread adoption. Through its collaborative approach, research initiatives, and advocacy efforts, the consortium contributes to the growth and evolution of mobile computing, enabling a connected and mobile future for businesses and individuals alike.

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