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Qik, also known as Qik Video, was a mobile video streaming and video sharing application. Here are some key points about Qik:

  1. Video Streaming: Qik allowed users to stream live videos from their mobile devices to an online platform. It supported both one-way video streaming and two-way video calling, enabling users to interact with their audience in real-time.
  2. Mobile Platform Integration: Qik was available as a mobile application for various platforms, including iOS, Android, and Symbian. It integrated with the device’s camera and microphone to capture and transmit live video and audio.
  3. Social Sharing: Qik provided options for users to share their live videos and recorded videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This allowed users to reach a wider audience and engage with their followers.
  4. Video Recording: In addition to live streaming, Qik allowed users to record videos and save them for later sharing. It provided basic video editing features, such as trimming and adding captions, to enhance the recorded videos.
  5. Video Privacy: Qik offered privacy settings to control the visibility of videos. Users could choose to make their videos public or restrict access to specific individuals or groups. This ensured privacy and control over the content shared through the platform.
  6. Video Messaging: Qik supported video messaging, enabling users to send recorded videos as messages to their contacts. This added a personal touch to communication and allowed users to share experiences in a more expressive way.
  7. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Qik allowed users to interact and communicate across different platforms. Users could stream videos from one platform and watch them on another, facilitating seamless video sharing and viewing experiences.
  8. Acquisition by Skype: Qik was acquired by Skype in 2011. Following the acquisition, some of Qik’s features and technologies were integrated into Skype’s platform, enhancing its video calling and messaging capabilities.

It’s worth noting that while Qik was popular for its live streaming and video sharing capabilities, it eventually transitioned into other services under Skype. As a standalone application, Qik provided users with a convenient way to share their live moments and connect with others through video on their mobile devices.

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