Quadruple Bucky

Quadruple Bucky

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Quadruple Bucky” refers to the combination of four successive presses of the “Bucky” key in computer systems that use the X Window System, such as Unix-like operating systems. The Bucky key is typically one of the modifier keys on a computer keyboard, such as the Shift, Control, Alt, or Super (Windows/Command) key. The term “Bucky” comes from “Bucky bits,” a reference to the nickname of Richard Stallman, the founder of the Free Software Foundation and an influential figure in the free software movement.


In X Window System-based environments, pressing a Bucky key alone does not trigger any action; it acts as a modifier key. However, when combined with other key presses, it alters the behavior of those key presses. The specific function of the Quadruple Bucky key combination may depend on the keyboard configuration and the desktop environment being used.

By default, some X Window System configurations use the Quadruple Bucky key combination as a way to exit or kill a window manager or desktop session gracefully. For example, pressing “Alt + Alt + Alt + Alt” (four successive presses of the Alt key) may prompt the window manager to display a dialog asking the user if they want to log out or shut down the system.


The behavior of the Bucky keys and their combinations can often be customized by the user or system administrator. Users may configure different key combinations to trigger specific actions, such as launching applications, switching between virtual desktops, or performing other system functions.


The term “Quadruple Bucky” is relatively rare and is typically used humorously or informally within the context of X Window System environments. It may be mentioned in discussions or documentation related to keyboard shortcuts, custom key bindings, or window manager configurations.


The specific key labeled as “Bucky” may vary depending on the keyboard layout and system configuration. It is typically one of the modifier keys like Shift, Control, Alt, or Super. The term “Bucky” is used generically to refer to any of these modifier keys when used in combination with other keys in the X Window System.

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