Synthetic Backup

Synthetic Backup

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Synthetic backup is a data backup strategy that combines full backups and incremental backups to create a complete backup set. It involves using a combination of full backups and subsequent incremental backups to create a synthesized full backup without the need for additional full backups.

Here’s how synthetic backup works:

  1. Full Backup: Initially, a full backup of the entire data set is taken. This backup captures all the data and files in the system.
  2. Incremental Backups: After the initial full backup, incremental backups are performed periodically. Incremental backups capture only the changes or updates made to the data since the last backup, resulting in smaller backup sizes and faster backup times.
  3. Synthesis Process: To create a synthetic full backup, the original full backup is combined with the subsequent incremental backups. During this synthesis process, the incremental backups are applied to the original full backup, effectively recreating a new full backup with the latest data.

Benefits of synthetic backup include:

  1. Reduced Backup Window: Since only incremental changes are captured after the initial full backup, the backup process is faster and less resource-intensive, reducing the time required for backups.
  2. Lower Network Bandwidth: Synthetic backup requires less network bandwidth compared to traditional full backups since only incremental changes are transferred over the network.
  3. Efficient Storage Utilization: Synthetic backup optimizes storage utilization by eliminating the need for additional full backups. It saves storage space by combining the original full backup with the incremental changes.
  4. Faster Data Recovery: During data restoration, synthetic backups provide faster recovery times as the entire backup set is consolidated into a single backup image.

Synthetic backup is commonly used in enterprise environments where large amounts of data need to be backed up regularly. By combining full and incremental backups, synthetic backup offers an efficient and reliable approach to data protection, minimizing backup time and storage requirements while ensuring comprehensive data recovery capabilities.

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