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A wiki is a collaborative website or web application that allows users to create, edit, and organize content collectively. It is a platform for creating and sharing knowledge, information, and documents in a collaborative manner. The term “wiki” comes from the Hawaiian word for “quick.”

Key features and characteristics of a wiki include:

  1. Editable Content: A wiki allows users to easily edit and contribute to the content. It employs a simple markup language or an intuitive editor that enables users to add, modify, or delete text, images, and other media elements within the wiki pages.
  2. Collaborative Editing: Multiple users can work on the same wiki page simultaneously. This fosters collaboration and enables real-time editing and revision tracking, making it easy for individuals and teams to work together and create a comprehensive knowledge base.
  3. Linking and Cross-Referencing: Wikis typically support linking between pages, allowing users to create a network of interconnected articles or documents. This enables users to navigate between related topics and establish meaningful connections within the content.
  4. Version Control and Revision History: Wikis maintain a version history of each page, tracking changes made by different users over time. This allows for easy rollback to previous versions, tracking the evolution of content, and ensuring accountability for edits.
  5. Search Functionality: Wikis usually include a search feature that enables users to find specific content or information within the wiki. This makes it easier to navigate and locate relevant articles or documents.
  6. Community Participation: Wikis often have a community of contributors who actively engage in editing and maintaining the content. Users can collaborate, discuss, and share ideas through discussion boards, comments, or other communication features provided by the wiki platform.

Wikis find applications in various domains, including knowledge management, documentation, project collaboration, and information sharing. They have been widely used for creating online encyclopedias, documentation repositories, corporate knowledge bases, and team collaboration spaces. One of the most well-known examples of a wiki is Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia created and maintained by volunteers from around the world.

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