Dwarf Planet Hides Cosmic Disappointment

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Image Source: PC Gamer

Back in January, Bethesda warned players that Starfield wouldn’t feature seamless space exploration or the ability to manually fly from one planet to another. However, now that the game is out in early access, gamers are putting these claims to the test.

Streamer and Santa Monica Studio writer Alanah Pearce decided to test the limits by setting her sights on Pluto, the dwarf planet with a relatively slow orbit speed.

While the fast travel system put Pearce’s ship relatively close to Pluto, the actual distance was astronomical, taking around seven real-time hours to traverse.

Pearce had no intention of sitting in front of the screen for that entire duration, so she redirected all the ship’s energy to the engine and decided to sleep. However, she had to wake up every half hour or so to adjust the course.

As Pluto came into view, it appeared as a low-polygon pixelated mass that stretched as she got closer. When the distance counter read zero, Pearce’s ship passed through the dwarf planet.

In other words, Pluto (and any other planet/moon in the Starfield space reality) is essentially just a picture on a beautiful backdrop. However, it’s now confirmed that you can fly to that picture yourself.

Starfield has already been released in early access, and for owners of the standard edition on PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), Xbox Series X and S, as well as Game Pass (PC and Xbox), it unlocks on September 6. The game already has over 500 mods available.

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