Elon Musk Potentially Violating App Store and Google Play Rules

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Elon Musk recently revealed that the ability to block users on social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) might undergo significant changes. This potential alteration could potentially violate the terms set by Apple App Store and Google Play for applications hosting user-generated content.

Image Source: Bastian Riccardi / unsplash.com

Blocking is a tool that allows users on platform X to isolate themselves from others, preventing any form of interaction, content viewing, or subscription. Such measures aim to address serious issues like harassment, stalking, and offensive content often faced on online platforms. A blocked user loses the ability to view subscription lists, like posts from the blocker, or initiate private messages. All these features might vanish if Elon Musk’s initiative to alter or eliminate the traditional blocking functionality takes effect. Musk stated on social media, “Block functionality will be removed except for private messages. It is pointless.” This decision could have significant repercussions for X’s presence on Apple App Store and Google Play.

The rules established by the App Store for applications featuring user-generated content mandate the presence of mechanisms to “block aggressive users on the service,” “filter undesirable materials from being published in the app,” and “notify users of offensive content and respond promptly to issues.” Similar standards exist on Google Play, requiring apps to provide “an internal system to block user-generated content and users themselves.”

Notably, experts within the X community intervened in Musk’s considerations, pointing out that his initiative might breach the rules set by App Stores. Subsequently, Musk mentioned that alongside the blocking feature for private messages, the platform would introduce a “mute” option for users. This would allow users to mute others, granting them access to profiles and other information, but they wouldn’t see the muted users’ messages.

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