Elon Musk Takes Over @X Username, Leaving User Displaced After 16 Years

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In a surprising move during Twitter’s rebranding, Elon Musk claimed ownership of the @X username, which had been used by a user since 2007. Gene X. Hwang from San Francisco, the longtime user of the handle, received an unexpected email from Twitter, informing him that his username now belonged to Musk’s company. Without any warning or compensation, Hwang’s account was redirected to the new handle, @x12345678998765.

Image Source: Twitter

All of @Twitter’s followers were migrated to @X, while the old account became private, losing all content and followers. Hwang transitioned to the new handle with a philosophical outlook, stating, “All’s well that ends well.” Despite losing his cherished username, he received little more than some merchandise and a potential meeting with Twitter’s management.

This incident raises concerns about user rights on social media platforms. What if someone else seizes your account tomorrow? After holding the @X handle for 16 years, Hwang was suddenly deprived without warning or compensation. It highlights the need for greater transparency and fairness in social media processes, emphasizing the necessity of clearer regulations in such situations.

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