Elon Musk to Change Twitter’s Logo: Farewell to Birds

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In a surprising announcement, Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, revealed on his official account that the platform’s logo will undergo a transformation, with the bird image being replaced by the symbol “X.” “We will bid farewell to the Twitter brand and, gradually, to all the birds,” stated the billionaire entrepreneur.

Image Source: Twitter

Musk also launched a poll on Twitter, asking users, “Change the default platform color to black?” teasing it with the phrase “Paint it black.” He continued, “If a good enough X logo is published tonight, we’ll launch it worldwide tomorrow.” Alongside his words, Musk shared a striking image of the iconic bird logo, but now on a black background.

After acquiring Twitter for a staggering $44 billion in late October 2022, Musk initiated a “major renovation” of the platform, including significant downsizing of staff, which negatively impacted its operations. Musk’s innovations led to an exodus of advertisers. Recently, he disclosed that the platform still faces negative cash flow due to a 50% drop in advertising revenues and a heavy debt burden. Prior to this, Musk had warned multiple times about Twitter’s potential bankruptcy.

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