Finnish Researchers Innovate to Extend Wireless Charging Range

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Researchers from Aalto University have developed a method to increase the distance of wireless power transfer with minimal efficiency losses. In their experiment, the system achieved an impressive 80% efficiency over a distance of 18 cm, outperforming existing commercial models. The scientists’ technique can enhance any wireless power transfer system, making charging more convenient and effortless.

The researchers sought to reduce losses in energy radiation during wireless power transfer. By minimizing these losses, more energy reaches the receiver, increasing the overall efficiency of the system. They achieved this by adjusting the working currents, amplitudes, and phases in both coils. Through their experiments, they formulated the theory of dynamic power transfer, which produced significant results.

The study found that the coils experienced minimal radiation losses when the currents in the receiving and transmitting coils were equal in amplitude but opposite in phases. The researchers shared their discovery in a publication in the journal Physical Review.

The methodology proposed in the study is not limited to loop-based systems, as used in their experiment, but is applicable to other wireless power transfer systems. This versatility allows for assessing and improving the efficiency of various wireless charging systems. Consequently, the technology promises maximum convenience – users will no longer need to position devices carefully on charging pads for optimal charging. Ideally, entering a room with a transmitter will trigger automatic charging without needing to place devices anywhere specific. This innovative approach could revolutionize the future of wireless charging and make it more user-friendly than ever before.

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