Fisker Begins Deliveries of Ocean Electric Vehicles in California

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California-based automaker, Fisker, has commenced the delivery of its electric SUV, the Ocean, in its home state. This comes following the company’s revival and strategic decision to contract out the manufacturing of its independently designed electric vehicles. In this case, Austrian company Magna, which services Fisker orders in Europe, serves as the contractor.

Image Source: Twitter, Fisker

It took some time for the first batch of 22 Fisker Ocean SUVs to reach customers in California, with deliveries beginning last week. Production of the Fisker Ocean electric SUVs started in Austria as early as November of the previous year. However, the first customer received a unit from the company’s CEO in Denmark only in early May of the current year. Another vehicle was delivered in Germany subsequently.

Against this backdrop, the delivery of a batch of 22 SUVs to California appears significant, as reported by Electrek. All the vehicles arriving in the U.S. are part of the Launch Edition series, of which no more than 5,000 units are to be manufactured. As of last fall, Fisker had 63,000 pre-orders for the Ocean SUV, thus a long journey lies ahead in bridging the gap between demand and supply.

Social media has seen the posting of photos of one of the Fisker Ocean SUVs that arrived in California, exhibited for public viewing in Beverly Hills. The cost of the vehicles in the debut package exceeds $69,000 each. The company takes particular pride in the declared EPA cycle range for this version of the SUV, which reaches 576 km. This is achieved through the use of a traction battery with a capacity of 113 kW·h.

By the beginning of 2024, Fisker plans to begin selling its Ocean SUVs in China, and is also considering the possibility of local assembly for up to 75,000 SUVs per year in the future.

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