Foxconn Promises to Double Business Scale and Workforce in India

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Image source: Bloomberg, Karen Dias

In line with the growing role of India in contract electronics manufacturing, the head of the Indian arm of Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology Group has assured the country’s Prime Minister that the company will double its business scale in India and correspondingly increase its workforce in the next 12 months.

V. Lee, as reported by Bloomberg, made this announcement on LinkedIn on the eve of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday. According to the Foxconn representative, the company “will work even harder to present an even more significant gift next year on his birthday.” Foxconn’s plans for the Indian market include doubling its workforce, increasing foreign direct investments, and expanding its local business operations.

At the very least, these plans include the construction of a facility covering over 120 hectares near Bangalore’s airport, which will employ around 100,000 people. It is speculated that Foxconn will engage in contract manufacturing of iPhones for Apple at this location. It’s worth noting that the Taiwanese company is still hopeful of finding a technological partner to set up semiconductor manufacturing in India. Foxconn currently operates over 30 facilities in the country, providing employment to tens of thousands of workers. The company can already generate up to $10 billion annually from its operations in India.

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