Foxconn’s Simultaneous iPhone 15 Assembly in India and China

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In a notable move, Foxconn, the prominent electronics contract manufacturer, has initiated the assembly process for Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 15 in both India and China almost simultaneously. This decision comes after last year’s delayed launch of the iPhone 14 lineup in India compared to Chinese production facilities by just a few weeks, a stark contrast to the usual six to nine months’ difference.

Image Source: Apple

According to Bloomberg, citing insider sources, Foxconn’s Indian plant in Tamil Nadu is gearing up to begin delivering the latest iPhone 15 models with minimal delay compared to the company’s Chinese assembly lines. By March of this year, Apple had already increased the share of smartphones produced in India to 7% of its total shipments, and this proportion is expected to continue growing. This strategic shift is not only significant in terms of mitigating political risks associated with China but also in strengthening Apple’s market position within India’s domestic market.

The volume of iPhone 15 units assembled in India is expected to hinge on Foxconn’s ability to import the necessary components, as many of them are not yet produced within the country. Apart from Foxconn, other companies like Pegatron and Wistron are also planning to commence iPhone 15 assembly in India. Notably, Wistron is soon set to sell its Indian plant to the Tata Group conglomerate. Apple’s efforts to ramp up production in India have yielded impressive results, with revenue from the sales of smartphones manufactured in the country tripling to over $7 billion in the fiscal year ending in March.

In April, Apple made its debut in India’s retail landscape with its first two branded stores. The second quarter witnessed a remarkable double-digit growth in iPhone sales on the Indian market, reaching record-breaking levels.

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