Gmail to Soon Allow Emoji Reactions in Email Responses

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Photo by Rubaitul Azad on Unsplash

Google is developing emoji reactions for Gmail, a feature that, if released, will make the email platform more similar to instant messaging apps. This feature was first hinted at a few weeks ago when code allowing users to react to emails with emojis, similar to competing platforms like Outlook, was discovered in the Gmail app for iOS.

Additional evidence has been found in the latest APK distribution of Gmail for Android. The source AssembleDebug claims that this APK contains several lines of code directly related to emoji reactions. While there are few details available at the moment, the code file includes text phrases such as “this feature is coming soon” and “you’re among the first Gmail users to get emoji reactions,” suggesting an imminent public release of this Gmail email enhancement.

According to AssembleDebug, Gmail users will be able to use emoji reactions directly from the email screen or from the three-dot menu, although the latter option is currently disabled. The code also mentions some limitations, stating that some emoji reactions cannot be used in encrypted messages, large groups, or if the recipient is hidden. There will likely be a limit on the number of emojis – 20 reactions per email, and at least some messages will have a limit of 50 unique reactions.

Google has not publicly confirmed that it is working on emoji reactions as a feature. However, when asked to comment on the matter, Google spokesperson Madison Cushman Veld advised people to “stay tuned for updates,” using the following emojis in her response: “😉,✋📻.”

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