Google Blocks Samsung’s Bid to Change Default Search Engine in OneUI

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Google has reportedly prevented Samsung from changing the default search engine in OneUI, according to a report by SamMobile.

The change in question pertains to altering the default search engine in the standard OneUI browser, Samsung Internet. For many years, Google held this position, with users who entered search queries in the browser’s search bar automatically directed to Google’s search engine.

In recent times, insiders have increasingly suggested that Samsung aims to shift its browser towards Microsoft and replace Google with Bing for search purposes. Such a move would enable Galaxy smartphone users to leverage the advantages of Bing’s chatbot and explore a new information search experience.

However, Google has halted these efforts, asserting that Samsung’s abandonment of its search engine would constitute a breach of a longstanding agreement between the two brands. Consequently, Samsung has backed down, and Google will remain the default search engine in OneUI.

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