Google Pixel 8 Pro Expected to Feature a Unique Infrared Sensor for Body Temperature Measurement

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Google Pixel 8 Pro is projected to include a feature not often seen in smartphones, according to insider Jakub “Kuba” Wojciechowski. If he’s correct, an infrared sensor, similar to those used in contactless thermometers, will be added to the camera module on the back panel of the device, potentially allowing for body temperature measurements.

To utilize the built-in contactless thermometer, users will need to remove any facial accessories, such as glasses, that may interfere. The sensor should be brought as close as possible to the forehead without touching, and then moved sideways towards the temple in a span of five seconds. Upon measuring the temperature, the phone vibrates and displays the result on the screen. This sensor may also be suitable for measuring the temperature of objects.

The Google Pixel 8 Pro largely resembles its predecessor, but there are a few notable differences: rounded corners and a unified module for the three rear cameras. Interestingly, the fourth camera and the infrared sensor are located separately. Unless Google has something unexpected in mind, the integrated contactless thermometer will likely be an intriguing novelty as pandemic-related restrictions have already been lifted. However, its practicality could extend beyond current health concerns, offering users a unique tool for temperature-related needs.

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