Google Pledges Legal Protection for Users of Generative AI Against Copyright Claims

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Image source: sergeitokmakov / Pixabay

Google has announced its commitment to offer legal protection to users of its products employing generative AI in cases of copyright infringement claims. This move is aimed at alleviating user concerns regarding potential legal consequences when using this technology.

Seven products have been identified for this protection: Duet AI in Workspace (covering text generated in Google Docs and Gmail, as well as images in Google Slides and Google Meet), Duet AI in Google Cloud, Vertex AI Search, Vertex AI Conversation, Vertex AI Text Embedding API, Visual Captioning on Vertex AI, and Codey APIs. However, the Bard Search tool is not included in this list.

“We will assume any potential legal risks associated with copyright infringement claims,” Google stated in its announcement.

Google emphasized that such a practice is not entirely new. Nonetheless, the company recognized that its users sought clarification that this protection extends to the potential inclusion of copyrighted data in the training data for Google’s AI models.

Google will also provide protection to users in cases where claims are related to content generated through the use of its underlying AI models. For instance, if a user generates content that closely resembles previously published material. However, the company stressed that such protection would only apply if the user did not intentionally create or use generated content to infringe upon the rights of others.

Not only Google but also other major tech companies like Microsoft and Adobe have made similar statements regarding legal protection for their users. Microsoft promises protection to corporate users of its Copilot products, while Adobe ensures the safeguarding of clients using Firefly against copyright claims.

Copyright issues remain a subject of active discussion in the field of generative AI, with numerous lawsuits filed against various companies for copyright infringements. Moreover, Google has already faced a class-action lawsuit for using personal user data and copyrighted material to train its AI models.

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