Google Simplifies Appearance Customization for Chrome

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Google recently updated Chrome for desktops, adding a sidebar feature that simplifies the task of changing the theme and color of the application.

Users can easily modify their browser’s look by clicking on “Customize Chrome” on a new tab. From there, users have the option to select a theme package or set colors in real-time, allowing for a personalized browser aesthetic. An added feature now permits any custom image to be set as the background, or, for those who prefer variety, a daily-changing background can be selected.

Notably, no mention has been made of similar changes being rolled out to mobile devices. Given the screen constraints of smartphones, this customization option may not be as practical as it is on a desktop, so it is unlikely that a direct equivalent will be made available for mobile devices in the immediate future.

Of course, browser customization is not a new concept. However, gaining access to this feature often required delving into settings, even on other Chromium-based browsers. For example, in Microsoft’s Edge browser, users have to visit the appearance section in the settings to make similar changes. This update to Chrome could potentially encourage more users to experiment with themes and colors, reducing the likelihood of them migrating to other browsers. In this way, Google is looking to enhance the user experience and retain more users in their ecosystem.

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Vasyl Kolomiiets
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