Honor Leads Chinese Smartphone Market as vivo Falters, Apple Reclaims Top Three

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Photo by Alexandr Bormotin on Unsplash

Despite a slight dip in smartphone sales, Honor has claimed the top spot in the Chinese smartphone market for the third quarter of 2023. The primary reason for this shift is a significant reduction in shipments by key competitors.

Here’s what we know: Only one company in the top five managed to increase smartphone sales compared to the third quarter of the previous year. Xiaomi is the standout performer, shipping 9.1 million devices, a 0.1 million increase from a year ago. This pushed its market share from 13% to 14%.

Honor leads with an 18% market share, a 1% year-over-year increase, despite a drop in shipments from 12 million to 11.8 million units. OPPO retained the second position, although its sales decreased by 10%. The company managed to capture 16% of the market with 10.9 million smartphones.

The American tech giant Apple has re-entered the top three leading sellers in China. The company maintained control over 16% of the market, the same as the previous year. However, sales dropped by 6%, totaling 10.6 million units compared to the previous year’s 11.3 million.

Finally, vivo dropped even from the top three, despite leading the Chinese market last year. Smartphone shipments declined by more than a quarter (26%). In the three months, vivo sold 10.4 million devices, a decrease of 3.7 million from the previous year.

In total, from July to September 2023, 66.7 million smartphones were sold in China, which is 3.1 million (5%) less than the same period in 2022. It is due to the overall market decline that Apple managed to maintain its market share, despite declining sales.

Source: Canalis

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