Huawei Sells 1.6 Million Mate 60 Pro Smartphones in Just Six Weeks

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Huawei has achieved a remarkable feat, selling more than 1.6 million units of its flagship smartphone, the Mate 60 Pro, in China in the first six weeks after its launch.

Image source: Huawei Technologies

For Huawei, which faced trade restrictions imposed by the US in 2019 and has been losing ground in the smartphone market, this success is indeed encouraging. After having to sell the rights to the Honor brand to a consortium of investors, the company is now making a strong comeback with its Mate 60 Pro. Analysts at Counterpoint Research believe that by the end of the year, Huawei may sell around 5-6 million units of the Mate 60 Pro, with sales volumes reaching into the tens of millions next year.

In the last two weeks alone, Huawei has managed to sell 400,000 Mate 60 Pro smartphones, even as it had to compete with Apple’s new iPhone 15 series, which recently hit the Chinese market. Notably, the iPhone 15 series had 4.5% fewer buyers during its first 17 days in the market compared to its predecessors in a similar timeframe last year.

According to analysts at Counterpoint Research, the Mate 60 Pro smartphones are selling out so quickly in China that they give the impression of being perpetually out of stock. In the third quarter, the global smartphone market as a whole shrank by 8%. However, brands like Huawei, Honor, and Transsion Group demonstrated growth in sales volumes year over year. Official data from China indicates that 18.99 million smartphones were sold in the country in August, a marginal increase of 0.03% compared to the previous year.

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