Inclusion of TON in Telegram Vaults it into the Top Ten Largest Cryptocurrencies

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The introduction of the TON Space wallet in the Telegram messenger has led to a surge in the quotes of the cryptocurrency Toncoin, bringing it close to the $3 mark and propelling it into the top ten digital assets by market capitalization, surpassing Solana in this regard.

Last week, the Telegram messenger introduced the TON Space wallet designed for cryptocurrency transfers of Toncoin directly within the messaging app. The wallet is already accessible to all Telegram Wallet users, and starting from November, it will be available to the 800 million people worldwide who select the corresponding option in the settings. This news has had a positive impact on Toncoin’s performance.

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Toncoin had previously reached a significant price of $2.97 in December of last year. Since then, the cryptocurrency has experienced various fluctuations, including a drop to a minimum of $1.02 on June 10. The announcement of the TON Space crypto wallet in Telegram on September 13 was followed by Toncoin breaking its descending trend on September 15. Currently, the digital asset is trading around the $2.50 mark, with its market capitalization reaching $8.62 billion, propelling it into the top ten largest cryptocurrencies in the world by this metric.

However, market experts currently recommend not placing overly high expectations on Toncoin. Technical indicators suggest that in the current wave, the cryptocurrency may rise to approximately $2.77. Nevertheless, further growth is not ruled out. It’s possible that Toncoin could reach its record value of $2.97 or even achieve the psychological milestone of $3.00.

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