India’s Successful Launch of Manned Capsule Prototype

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Image Source: ISRO

At 10:00 AM local time (08:00 AM GMT) today, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) achieved a successful launch of a rocket carrying a prototype of the manned spacecraft “Gaganyaan.” The launch took place from the first launchpad at the Sriharikota spaceport. The objective of this test was to validate the automatic flight-abort system and crew rescue on the initial segment of the trajectory. The goals were accomplished with success.

India is aiming to independently send three astronauts to low Earth orbit next year. Today’s tests of the command module, the launch escape system, the capsule adapter, and the crew rescue system marked a crucial milestone on the path towards achieving this ambitious goal.

The single-stage TV-D1 rocket propelled the capsule to an altitude of 17 kilometers and accelerated it to a speed of 1.2 Mach. Subsequently, the solid-fuel separation system detached the capsule with the escape system. The capsule was safely distanced and deployed parachutes, eventually splashing down in the waters of the Bay of Bengal, 10 kilometers from the shore, where it was retrieved by a rescue ship.

While the mission itself and all subsequent stages proceeded successfully, the organizers and spectators had to endure some anxious moments. Initially, the launch faced delays due to unfavorable weather conditions. Then, technical glitches led to two postponements. Nevertheless, two hours after the scheduled time, the rocket lifted off and executed all the tasks set for this test mission. Indian space exploration is now one step closer to manned spaceflight.

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