Intel Drops Habana Labs’ Greco in Favor of Gaudi2 Accelerators

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Image: Intel

As part of its AI platform, Intel had incorporated technologies from the once-acquired Habana Labs. However, while the Gaudi2 accelerators proved to be competitive, the inference solutions branch of Goya/Greco has been discontinued.

Interestingly, at the Intel Innovation 2023 event, there was no mention of Habana Labs, and the name Intel Gaudi was exclusively used. The platform, which is based on the Gaudi2 accelerator, has been performing well. It boasts support for FP8 computations and, according to Intel, not only outperforms the NVIDIA A100 but also competes successfully with the H100. In fact, in MLPerf tests, only Intel managed to pose some serious competition to NVIDIA.

However, not all of Habana’s developments have had a fortunate fate. In 2022, alongside Gaudi2, the inference accelerator Greco was announced, with shipments expected to begin in the second half of 2023. But now, it seems that this platform has been deemed unviable. Intel has not only removed all references to Greco from its website and made no mention of it at the event, but it also recently cleaned up the Linux driver. However, the arrival of Gaudi3 appears to be on the horizon.

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