iPhone 15 Pro Fares Worse in Drop Test Than its Predecessor, Despite Its Titanium Frame

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Apple enthusiast and researcher Sam Kohl from AppleTrack has conducted the first drop tests on the iPhone 15 Pro, and the results are intriguing. According to his video, the new curved edges of the titanium frame appear to perform worse in drop tests compared to the remarkably sturdy design of the iPhone 14 Pro.

In the drop test, the iPhone 14 Pro remained almost in perfect condition throughout the test, while the glass on the iPhone 15 Pro gave way around the middle of the test, initially developing spiderweb cracks at the corners. Subsequent drops led to increased damage to the glass on both the front and back of the iPhone 15 Pro. Eventually, the lower half of the display on the iPhone 15 Pro completely failed (only white pixels were visible), and the rear camera module detached from the body.

While the flat strip of stainless steel on the iPhone 14 Pro absorbed much of the impact, the curved titanium edges on the iPhone 15 Pro seemed to direct the force towards the front and rear glass, leading to the formation of spiderweb cracks. Titanium is harder than stainless steel, but this has a counter-effect, as the less rigid stainless steel frame has better shock-absorbing properties. The elastic and lightweight titanium frame transmits much more kinetic energy from the impact to the glass.

The testers noted that although the iPhone 15 Pro might not be as drop-resistant as the 14 Pro, it still held up quite well, requiring several drops onto concrete to crack the glass.

It’s important to note that various gadget drop tests are not academic or scientific, and their repeatability is often questionable.

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