iPhones Worldwide Reportedly Shut Down Overnight and Reboot, Leaving Users Baffled

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Image source: 9to5mac.com

Reports have been flooding in from iPhone owners worldwide claiming that they woke up to a password entry screen on their devices, following an unexpected overnight shutdown and reboot. What’s particularly odd is that battery usage data suggests the phones spent several hours powered off. Despite numerous user comments and discussions, this mysterious phenomenon has yet to receive a plausible explanation.

Users have noted that Face ID doesn’t work without entering the password due to the reboot. Battery usage history in the “Settings” app clearly shows an absence of power consumption during a significant portion of time. Many iPhone owners have examined their battery usage history and observed similar patterns. As of now, users seem to agree that this issue appears to be a one-time occurrence and happened to everyone on a particular night.

Zac Hall, a journalist at 9to5mac.com, shared his own experience with his iPhone 15 Pro Max running iOS 17.0.3. On his device, battery optimization was turned off, and he used a MagSafe charger. Zac didn’t notice any major issues with the smartphone’s performance or system freezing after this unexpected “maintenance break.” He remained skeptical about the idea that iPhones genuinely shut down for several hours just to reboot, as he struggled to find a reasonable explanation for what had happened.

As of now, Apple has not released any official information regarding this situation. Users interested in investigating further can check the battery usage chart in the “Settings” app under “Battery” and “Last 24 Hours.”

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