Japan Display Abandons Plans for OLED Panel Collaboration with Chinese Firm HKC

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Image source: Japan Display

In April of this year, Japanese company Japan Display announced its intention to collaborate with the Chinese HKC Corporation in the production of OLED panels for the consumer market in China. It was envisaged that the advanced eLEAP technology would form the basis for OLED displays that the partners would manufacture in China from 2025. However, the initial collaboration plan has now fallen through, as recently reported by sources.

Sources cited by Reuters and Nikkei explain that discussions about a large-scale production of eLEAP OLED displays are no longer ongoing. Nevertheless, the collaboration with HKC in the field of panels for automotive dashboard systems will continue. It’s worth noting that one of the advantages of eLEAP technology is its ability to create OLED panels of any shape, making it valuable for the automotive sector where fitting traditional rectangular displays seamlessly into a vehicle’s interior can be challenging.

In June, both parties had expressed their intent to postpone the contract signing until September, but it’s now evident that they couldn’t reach an agreement. It is speculated that the Chinese side may not have offered a sufficiently high amount in licensing fees to Japan Display, and the complex financial situation of HKC Corporation may have also contributed to this outcome. Both companies had to abandon their plans for an IPO on the Shenzhen stock exchange.

However, Japan Display is not giving up on its plans to establish panel manufacturing in China. The company has already signed a memorandum of understanding with the authorities in Anhui province in eastern China. A final agreement, involving the construction of a specialized facility in the province, is expected to be signed by the end of this year.

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