Korg Berlin Unveils Acoustic Synthesis_phase5: A Unique Acoustic Synthesizer Prototype

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Korg Berlin’s experimental division has presented an original project called Acoustic Synthesis_phase5 at the Superbooth exhibition. This innovative creation is an acoustic synthesizer, a seemingly unconventional concept that deviates from the traditional electronic synthesizer.

The Acoustic Synthesis_phase5

Unlike classic electronic synthesizers that rely on oscillators to produce sound, the Acoustic Synthesis_phase5 extracts sound from split metal plates. Each plate reproduces a specific note, and depending on the vibration mechanism, generates designated overtones. The final result is shaped in a resonator, enabling the instrument to create unique effects unattainable with electronic synthesizers. For instance, if the resonator is brought close to a speaker like an electric guitar, it will also respond.

Inside the resonator, magnets are placed to adjust the instrument’s sound, controlling the decay effect, the fundamental note’s sound with overtones, or only the overtones. The synthesizer even features a low-frequency oscillator (LFO), which introduces significant changes, making the acoustic synthesizer sound like a “bell suffering from seasickness.”

Prototype Status and Future Prospects

Currently, the Korg Acoustic Synthesis_phase5 remains a prototype without a casing. If the company’s management decides that the project has commercial potential, development will continue. However, one thing is clear: the instrument will not hit the market in 2023. The Acoustic Synthesis_phase5 demonstrates Korg Berlin’s innovative approach to synthesizer design, pushing the boundaries of conventional instruments and offering new possibilities for music creation.

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