Mass Disconnection of Third-Party Reddit Clients Begins

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After a full month of heated debates and protest actions within the Reddit community, the platform administration “pulled the plug,” causing third-party applications to cease working.

Popular iOS client Apollo, which had become the unofficial flagship of the protests, no longer loads content, instead displaying an endlessly spinning wait icon. App developer Christian Selig confirmed that this was due to new Reddit policies, and he had taken no action on his own. Another app, BaconReader, is displaying an “error 429” message, Android client Sync reports an “error 401”, and only the app reddit is fun is somehow still showing content to a non-logged-in user, but already does not allow logging into the account.

In May, upon learning of plans to make Reddit’s API paid, Apollo developer Christian Selig calculated that to continue the operation of the app, he would have to transfer $20 million annually to the platform’s administration. Numerous forum communities declared a strike, which, however, led to nothing — the administration threatened to simply replace the dissenting moderators and set deadlines for protest actions. Free access to the API will only remain for apps with special capabilities.

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