Meta Denies Rumors of Ads in WhatsApp

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Image source: bricketh / Pixabay

Meta has debunked rumors regarding plans to introduce advertisements in the WhatsApp messenger. Despite analysts’ speculations about monetizing the communication service, which is used daily by over 2 billion people worldwide, the company continues to refrain from implementing ads, focusing on the development of WhatsApp Business.

It’s worth noting that Meta-owned service Instagram has made significant progress in terms of monetization. Nevertheless, the company has yet to actualize the idea of introducing ads in WhatsApp, opting instead to generate revenue through WhatsApp Business – the business-oriented version of the instant messenger that charges for certain services. Currently, WhatsApp Business boasts more than 200 million monthly active users.

In February, Meta announced changes to the fee structure and message categories on the WhatsApp Business platform. These changes included messages for support, authentication, marketing messages, and user-initiated messages.

Mark Zuckerberg noted that in the third quarter of 2022, advertising with the “Message on WhatsApp” feature generated revenue of $1.5 billion for the company, representing an 80% growth compared to 2021. The company plans to introduce a model for personalized messages for entrepreneurs in the near future.

Meta’s decision to refrain from introducing ads in WhatsApp for regular users reflects the company’s strategic choice in favor of monetization through WhatsApp Business. This may indicate Meta’s efforts to strike a balance between meeting user needs and creating new opportunities for monetizing its service.

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