Meta’s Twitter Rival, Threads, Briefly Spotted on Google Play Store

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A novel application called Threads briefly appeared on Google Play Market, drawing the attention of tech enthusiasts and users alike. This application, developed by Meta Platforms, operates as a client for the platform sharing its name, positioning itself as a counterpart to Twitter.

Despite its short-lived presence on the Google Play Store, app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi managed to download Threads. This fortunate occurrence has provided the wider internet community with screenshots of the app’s user interface. Judging by the appearance of the login screen, users can authenticate themselves in the application using their Instagram account credentials.

The overall user interface of Threads bears striking resemblance to Twitter. In the text input window, a character count is visible and a paperclip icon is present for file attachments. When viewing posts, users have the option to like, repost, comment, and more. However, the launch date of Threads remains a mystery.

According to available information, Meta has been developing the Threads service under the codename Project 92 since January of this year. Previously, a representative from Meta* mentioned that the development of Threads began following content creators and public figures expressing interest in a platform that “works sensibly,” contrasting Twitter. Following this announcement, rumors sparked around a potential showdown between Twitter’s head Elon Musk and Meta*’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

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