Microsoft Edge’s Move: Flagging Google Chrome Installer

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In a recent development, Microsoft Edge, the web browser for Windows 10 and 11, has started flagging the installer file of its rival browser, Google Chrome, as potentially malicious. A series of pop-up windows prompt users to remove the “ChromeSetup.exe” file and consider using Microsoft Edge instead. This error has been observed in Microsoft Edge version 116 and affects only specific users, as reported by Windows Latest.

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When attempting to download Chrome, Microsoft’s browser displays a warning message: “ChromeSetup.exe can harm your device. Do you still want to keep it?” Users are then given the option to either keep or remove the Google Chrome installer file.

Microsoft has previously taken steps to boost the popularity of Edge among users and discourage them from switching to Chrome. Various tactics have been employed, including displaying Edge advertisements when users search for browser download options on Bing or directly on the download page of competing browsers. Windows developers also attempted to make changing the default browser a more complex process, but this approach was later abandoned. Additionally, in an April update, the one-click option to set Chrome as the default browser stopped working, causing the system to bombard corporate users with system windows.

The ongoing competition between Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome highlights the competitive nature of the browser market. As browser developers aim to enhance their products and user experiences, these incidents shed light on the complex dynamics and challenges involved in maintaining and improving software compatibility and user preferences.

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