Microsoft Reconsiders Trimming Windows 11 ‘File Explorer’ Settings Amid User Backlash

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Earlier this week, Microsoft declared its intention to reduce the number of accessible settings in Windows 11’s File Explorer. The software giant explained this decision by pointing out the need to eliminate outdated features that are seldom used. This news was met with a negative reaction from the Windows 11 user community, causing Microsoft to announce a withdrawal from the mentioned modifications.

Microsoft had planned to abandon a number of settings in Windows 11’s File Explorer. These include the display of icons instead of thumbnails, the display of system files, and the display of drive letters, among others. In total, File Explorer was set to lose eight configuration options at this stage. These changes appeared in the Windows 11 test build number 23486, which was recently made available to participants of the Windows Insider preview program.

Shortly thereafter, Microsoft rolled back these changes after receiving feedback from insiders.

Thank you to all Windows insiders who provided us with their feedback on changes to folder settings in File Explorer, where several old settings were removed. We’ve rolled back this change. As usual on the Dev channel, we will continue to frequently test something, receive feedback, and make adjustments based on it

stated Microsoft’s announcement.

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