Microsoft Testing Auto-Save “Notepad” and Enhanced “Snip & Sketch” with Video Capture

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Participants in the Windows 11 Insider Preview Program on the Dev and Canary channels have gained access to updated versions of the “Notepad” and “Snip & Sketch” applications. Both products have received some intriguing new features, which will become available to all users of the software platform after the testing phase.

Snip & Sketch: The “Snip & Sketch” app has received a combined image capture panel from developers, making it easy to switch between taking screenshots and recording the screen without needing to open a separate application. When you press the “Print Screen” key or use the “Win+Shift+S” keyboard shortcut, the application launches in screenshot mode. If you activate the “Win+Shift+R” keyboard shortcut, “Snip & Sketch” is ready to record video.

In addition to this, the app now allows users to record not only system sounds but also use a connected microphone to capture audio. If multiple microphones are connected, users can choose the desired one before starting the recording. Settings for these options can be adjusted in the application’s menu.

Notepad: As for the “Notepad” application, it has gained support for automatic session saving. This means that users can close the application without encountering dialog boxes prompting them to save changes. When “Notepad” is launched again, all previous sessions and open tabs will be restored. Interestingly, this automatic session saving doesn’t apply to changes made to open files, meaning that when reopening the application, users can continue editing or revert previous changes. If needed, the auto-save session feature can be disabled in the application settings.

These updates are part of Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to enhance the user experience on Windows 11. While currently in the testing phase, they aim to streamline common tasks and improve user convenience when working with screen captures, recordings, and text editing.

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